Open today: 9am - 5pm
Please note: The museum will close at 3pm today.

Toddler fun runs

Every month we hold Relaxed Opening or Lights Up mornings, where from 10am-12
noon the lights in the museum will be at a higher level, and sound effects will be turned
down. As always our wonderful team of volunteers and staff will be on hand to guide
you through the experience.

The environment within the Mary Rose is designed to create a stunning atmosphere
and display, as well as helping protect the delicate collection of objects within the
gallery showcases. However, we understand that visitors with a visual impairment or
those with other medical and physical conditions, such as autism or dementia, can find
our lighting levels, as well as the sound effects, to be a challenge.

At this higher lighting level, some visual displays may not be so effective, so guests
wishing to enjoy the full immersive experience and displays would be advised to visit us
after 12 noon on these specific days.

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